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Uses And Features Of Heavy Hex Bolt

Sep 09,2022 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

The full name of Heavy Hex Bolt in manufacturing is steel structure bolt connection pair, generally not called high-strength bolts. Steel structure bolts are used in industrial production and industrial buildings, railway tunnels, road bridges, pipelines, highway bridges, tower mast structures, heating furnaces Structure, heating furnace steel frame structures, large-span factories, high-rise residential industrial buildings, as well as various tower bodies, light steel structures, lifting equipment and other steel frame structures that connect engineering buildings. Each pair of couplings contains a bolt, a nut, and 2 seals. Steel structure bolts are divided into large hexagon head bolts and torsional shear bolts according to the installation characteristics. The compressive strength of the torsional shear bolt connection pair is very high, and the cost of the hexagonal bolt is high.

When assembling the high-toughness torsional shear bolt connection pair, the side of the nut with the round table should face the round surface of the sealing ring; the steel frame structure adopts the high-toughness torsional shear bolt connection pair, which is the key advantage of the improved version of the large hexagonal bolt connection pair for the steel frame structure. is relatively easy to construct. Compared to hexagon bolts, construction requires less interior space. The red plum head at the end can be unscrewed immediately with an electric wrench. Safe, simple, and convenient, construction acceptance. The quality is convenient. No professional technicians or mechanical equipment are required. Generally, check and confirm that the red plum blossom head has been unscrewed to ensure the construction quality. Torsional shear bolted joint GB/T3632 consists of one bolt, one nut, and one washer.

When assembling the large hexagonal head steel structure bolt connection pair, the sealing ring under the bolt head should face the bolt head; the construction of the large hexagonal head high-strength bolts must use a torque wrench. The actual operating room has a large space. It must be divided into two groups for initial and final tightening. Compared with the torsion shear bolt construction, it is more inconvenient; the quality inspection also requires torsion inspection, and there must be technical professional mechanical equipment and quality inspection personnel.