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Stud Bolt Supplier Introduces How To Avoid Bolt Misalignment

Aug 11,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Stud Bolt Supplier introduces how to avoid bolt dislocation:


1. On symmetrical high-strength bolt products, in order to avoid making mistakes in bending, an asymmetrical precise positioning hole can be installed.


2. When bending, the rough surface of high-strength bolt products should face the bending bearing as far as possible to prevent the Mao Kou from being torn due to tensile force. If it is not allowed, it is necessary to set up a processing hole to take this opportunity to locate it accurately. Rolling and hemming are all unique curved rolling holes. The nominal diameter size depends on the thickness of the raw materials of rolled steel parts. The nominal diameter of thick steel parts should be larger, generally, d>1.5. It is not necessary to set the centerline of the curling at the center of the metal sheet. If the plane of the metal sheet is set at the tangent position of its cylinder, it is more economical to manufacture.

Therefore, in the process of using high-strength bolts, these methods can avoid dislocation and ensure their good performance.