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Stud Bolt Manufacturer Introduces The Use Of Stud Bolts

Aug 18,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Stud bolts are generally used in relatively large buildings or machines. If a machine lacks stud bolts, it cannot be operated. Below, Stud Bolt Manufacturer introduces the use of stud bolts:


1. Stud bolts can be used in large-scale main equipment, and installation accessories such as sight glasses, mechanical seal seat stud bolts, and reduction frames are required. At this time, stud bolts are used. One end is screwed into the main body. After the attachment is installed, the other end is put on a nut. Since the attachment needs to be removed frequently, and the thread will be worn or damaged, use a double-headed bolt. The bolts will also be replaced more conveniently.


2. Stud bolts can be used to connect objects with a large thickness because when the length of the bolt is very long, stud bolts can be used.


3. Double-head bolts can be used to connect thick plates and places where it is inconvenient to use hexagonal bolts, such as concrete roof truss, roof beam suspension monorail beam suspension, etc.