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Stud Bolt Manufacturer Introduces The Role Of Stud Bolts

Jul 01,2022 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Stud Bolt Manufacturer introduces the role of stud bolts:

1. The main function of studs is on large-scale equipment, generally used as installation accessories, such as sight glasses, mechanical seals, and deceleration racks. The studs in the middle play the role of connection. One end is screwed into the main body, and the other end is attached with accessories. Since the accessories are relatively long and disassembled, the threads of the stud bolts are easily damaged and will be replaced frequently.

2. When the thickness of the connecting body is relatively large, the required bolt length is relatively long, which is more suitable for stud bolts at this time.

3. It is used to connect thick plates and some joints that are inconvenient to use hexagonal bolts, such as common concrete roof trusses, roof beam suspensions, monorail beam suspensions, etc.

4. Stud bolts are also often used for mechanically fixed links. There will be corresponding threads at both ends of the stud bolts. The thickness of the middle screw is also different according to the actual use situation. The stud bolts are mainly used in mining machinery. Bridges, automobiles, motorcycles, boiler steel structures, pendant towers, long-span steel structures, and large buildings, etc.