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Stud Bolt Manufacturer Introduces The Main Applications Of Double-ended Studs

Apr 07,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Stud Bolt Manufacturer introduces the main applications of double-ended studs:


1. When the main body is large-scale equipment, accessories need to be installed, such as sight glass, mechanical seal seat, reduction frame, etc., the double-ended stud used at this time, one end is screwed into the main body, and the other end is attached after the accessories are installed. Nuts, because the accessories are often disassembled, when the main body and the accessories are directly connected by bolts, the main body screws will wear out or be damaged over time, and it is very convenient to use double-ended studs to replace them.


2. When the thickness of the connecting body is very large, and the length of the bolt is very long, a double-ended stud will be used. The purpose of anti-loosening of stud bolt connection In actual work, the external load has a vibration, change, high-temperature creep of the material, etc., which will reduce the friction. The positive pressure in the thread pair disappears at a certain moment and the friction is zero, which makes the thread connection lose, If repeated action, the threaded connection will loosen and fail. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent loosening, otherwise, it will affect normal work and cause accidents.