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Scope And Features Of Stud Bolts

Jul 22,2022 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

The production described by Stud Bolts requires fixed equipment and machining, although the processing is relatively simple. The material needs to be stretched first, i.e. the deformed material is straightened using a material stretching machine, after this process, the next process can be performed, the next step is to use a cutting machine.

The second process is completed by cutting the straightened long stock to the customer's required length according to the customer's requirements. The third process is to put the cut material on the thread rolling machine to roll out the wire, and the ordinary stud bolts are processed. If additional requirements are required, additional procedures are required.

Well, known bolts are those with a larger diameter, according to this statement the diameter of a screw is much smaller than that of a bolt, a stud has no head, and some are called a stud. Studs have threads on both ends, no thread in the middle, and a polished rod in the middle, studs are used in large equipment such as reduction racks. In actual use, the external load will vibrate, the effect of temperature will reduce the friction and the threaded connection will loosen and fail over time, so it is necessary to carry out the maintenance work of the stud bolts in peacetime.

Stud bolts are anchor bolts that will cause problems under the action of mechanical friction for a long time. If there is a problem, the engine oil pan should be removed and the use of the engine bearing bushing should be carefully checked. Check whether the gap between the bearing bushings is too large. If the gap is too large, please replace it in time. When replacing the stud bolts, you should also replace the connecting rod bolts. If a large piece of equipment such as a nail machine is found to have unstable engine operation or abnormal noise during normal operation, it should stop the inspection in time to avoid causing more trouble.