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Hex Nut Manufacturer Introduces The Manufacturing Process Of High-Strength Hexagon Nuts

Jan 13,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Hex Nut manufacturer introduces the manufacturing process of high-strength hexagon nuts:

The large torque of high-strength hexagon nuts is affected by many factors. To study the low-cycle fatigue performance of high-strength hexagon nuts, high-strength hexagon nuts have a medium diameter, helix angle, and tooth angle. High-strength hex nuts have the greater elastic restoring force and equivalent friction angle. There will be some changes after repeated use. Therefore, high-strength hexagon nuts only need to analyze the law of large torque changes when the lock nut is subjected to cyclic load from these two aspects.

Magnetic methods are used to measure coating thickness. High-strength hexagon nuts are used for non-destructive measurement of the non-magnetic coating on the magnetic substrate using a magnetic thickness gauge. The microscopic method is called the metallographic method. High-strength hex nuts are strictly etched. The firmware is magnified on a metallurgical microscope with a micrometer eyepiece to measure the coating thickness of the part. Timing process method. The coating thickness of the high-strength hex nut is calculated based on the time required for the partial coating to dissolve. High-strength hexagon nuts also have electroplating drop method, anode dissolution coulometric method, and so on.