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Hex Nut Manufacturer Introduces The Maintenance Requirements Of Stainless Steel Nuts

Sep 01,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Hex Nut Manufacturer introduces that stainless steel nuts are stored in the atmosphere for a long time. When the material performance exceeds the limit, some rust will occur. If the corrosion of stainless steel nuts is severe, the threads inside will also be broken. It will be very difficult to remove it later. If you are not careful, the stainless steel nuts and bolts will lock up, which is very inconvenient for maintenance and replacement.


If corrosion lockup occurs, the time cost of removing a stainless steel nut is very high. Sometimes, because a small stainless steel nut is not replaced in time, the delivery of tens of millions of large orders will be delayed. After a long time of analysis, there are three cases of corrosion of stainless steel nuts, one is corrosion of fixed parts. This kind of corrosion is basically the cause of the material itself, the material is impure or has the influence of impurities. The second type is cross-section corrosion. This cause slowly appears in the later installation process. There are many reasons. It may be that the environment is too bad, or it may be caused by strong acidic substances falling on the nut. The last one is omnidirectional corrosion. This kind of corrosion is the most serious. If this kind of corrosion occurs, it should first be replaced in time, and then the corroded samples should be deeply inspected to see if the material meets the standard.


Stainless steel nuts will also accelerate corrosion in a high-temperature environment. Long-term exposure to such an environment will affect the performance of stainless steel nuts. This situation should be avoided as much as possible. If it is a carbon steel nut, it will appear in a high-temperature environment. We can see the corrosion at a glance, but it is difficult to find the corrosion of stainless steel nut at high temperatures.


Therefore, we have to choose qualified stainless steel nut products. In the structural installation and design and use, we try to avoid corrosion due to the quality of the nut as much as possible. In order to save paper and cost, many companies do not manage the stacking of stainless steel nuts. , The corrosion points appearing when in use are not a serious matter. For the convenience of delivery, the method of secondary cleaning and polishing is used to make the surface of the stainless steel nut look new, but the internal corrosion has damaged the nut. Performance, the security risks in the later stage are too great. When the unqualified stainless steel nut is used in the production line, the operator is unlikely to detect the quality of the nut with the naked eye, and will only install it directly as a nut with no quality problems. This kind of nut is also particularly prone to lockup during installation. Ladies and gentlemen, the locking of stainless steel fasteners, we have talked about it many times. Why do we keep saying this locking is because we cannot completely avoid the locking of stainless steel bolts no matter what method we use. If such a problematic nut is used again, the probability of lockup will be greatly increased. No matter how you pay attention later, how to add spring pads or adjust the torque wrench is useless, because after corrosion occurs, the thread will have a mutated overseed, which will cause the thread to deform by the naked eye, and the corrosion point is easy to be Stains are left between the threads, which increases the probability of locking.