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Hex Nut Factory Introduces The Role Of Hexagon Nuts

May 26,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Hex Nut Factory introduces the role of hexagon nuts:

1. Ordinary external hexagon-widely used, characterized by a relatively large tightening force, the disadvantage is that there must be enough operating space during installation. You can use adjustable wrenches or open-end wrenches during installation, or spanners above glasses wrench. Large operating space.


2. Cylinder head hexagon socket is widely used in all screws because it has a relatively large tightening force, it can be operated with an internal hexagon wrench, and it is very convenient for installation. It is almost used in various structures, and the appearance is more beautiful and tidy. Disadvantages The tightening force of the pin is lower than that of the outer hexagon. In addition, repeated use can easily damage the inner hexagon and make it impossible to remove.


3. Pan-head hexagon socket-rarely used mechanically, the mechanical performance is the same as above, mostly used in furniture, the main function is to increase the contact surface with wooden materials and increase the ornamental appearance.


4. Headless inner hexagon must be used on some structures, such as the top wire structure that requires a large tightening force, or the place where the cylindrical head needs to be hidden.


5. Countersunk internal hexagon-mostly used in power machinery, the main function is the same as the internal hexagon.


6. Ordinary external hexagonal nuts-widely used and one of the common fasteners in general.