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Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces What Is The Heat Treatment Of Stud Bolts

Mar 31,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

In order to improve the performance level of stud bolts, please conduct various research experiments and related treatment plans, such as heat treatment. The heat treatment should not be carried out blindly. Corresponding methods should be adopted to solve the heat treatment method of high-strength stud bolts. Hex Bolt Manufacturers  introduces the following three methods to be considered:

1.Chemical heat treatment: Stud bolts can also be treated by chemical heat treatment using chemical elements. Putting bolts into atoms containing chemical elements During heat treatment, the chemical composition, structure, and function of the bolt surface will change. After chemical treatment, the hardness, wear-resistance, and toughness of stud bolts have been improved.


2.Partial disposal: The requirements for stainless steel studs are different, and the heat-treated parts are also different. Not all screws require overall heat treatment, and some screws only require partial heat treatment. This is a treatment method, this kind of heat treatment is generally indicated in the figure by position and hardness value.


3.Reheat treatment: This kind of heat treatment generally adopts induction heat treatment or flame heat treatment, and then uses two hardness testers to test the hardness of the bolts, and then adopts the heat treatment method that meets the requirements. The two hardness testers mentioned at that time were Vickers and Rockwell hardness testers. We can also choose from the thickness, that is, the surface heat treatment thickness. When the thickness is thin, the Vickers hardness tester is used, and the heat treatment thickness is small. When the thickness is thick, please use a Rockwell hardness tester. The heat treatment standards can be interchanged.