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Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Tips For Using High-strength Nuts

Jun 02,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduces the tips for using high-strength nuts:

1. Product quality: surface corrosion, oil stains, burrs on the nut hole wall, welds, etc. should be cleaned; the contact friction surface after treatment should reach the specified anti-scratch coefficient. The high-strength nuts used should be equipped with bolts and washers. They should be used in accordance with the matching requirements and cannot be interchanged; the friction surface of the processed component must not be contaminated with oil, soil, and other debris; the friction surface of the component should be kept dry during installation. Can not work in the rain; check and correct the deformation of the connecting steel plate before installation; do not hammer the nut during installation to avoid damage to the nut; when using an electric wrench, check regularly to ensure the torque accuracy and operate in the correct tightening sequence.


2. Safe installation technology: When using an adjustable wrench, the size of the wrench should be consistent with the size of the nut, and no casing can be added to the small wrench; a dead wrench should be used for high-altitude operations. If an adjustable wrench is used, it should be tied with a rope. Fasten the seat belt; when assembling the connecting bolts of the steel components, do not insert the connecting surface or protrude the screw holes with your hands. When placing the iron plate, place your fingers on both sides of the iron plate.