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Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Three Advantages Of Locknuts

Jan 20,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Hex Bolt Manufacturers  introduces the three advantages of locknuts:

1. Excellent shockproof performance: When tightening the thread, the top thread of the bolt tightly enters the 30° wedge-shaped slope of the nut to be clamped, and the normal force applied on the wedge-shaped slope is consistent with the angle of the bolt. The angle of the shaft is 60° instead of 30°. Therefore, the normal force generated when tightening the locknut is much larger than that of the ordinary standard nut, which has good anti-loosening and vibration resistance.

2. Strong wear resistance and shear resistance: The 30° inclined surface at the bottom of the nut thread makes the nut locking force evenly distributed on all threads of each tooth. Since the pressure on the thread surface of each tooth is evenly distributed, the nut can better solve the problems of thread wear and shear deformation.

3. Good repeated use performance: extensive use shows that after repeated tightening and disassembly of the locknut, its locking force remains unchanged, and the original locking effect can be maintained.