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Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Skills Of Maintaining Bolts

Oct 13,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduces techniques for maintaining high-strength bolts:

1. The high-strength bolt connection pair should be supplied by the manufacturer in accordance with the batch matching, and each of the packaging boxes must be equipped with high-strength bolts and nuts as well as matching washers. The packaging box must be able to satisfy the needs of storage and transportation, but also has the function of waterproof and sealing. The high-strength bolt packing box should carry the product certificate and quality assurance certificate. The batch number and standard and the number of bolts should also be indicated on the outside of the box.

2. During transportation and storage, as well as in the process of use, it must be lightly loaded and unloaded, and the threads should not be damaged. If the threads are damaged or the high-strength bolts have been ruined because of rain, they should not be used. Used.

3. The high-strength bolt connection pair must be stored in a box in the indoor warehouse. There must be certain moisture-proof items on the ground, and they must be classified and stored according to the batch number and standard. It cannot be stored in mixed batches during storage. If it is the high-strength bolts used in the mobile room to connect the auxiliary packing box code, it should be placed on the bottom layer, and it should be overhead, and it should not be pasted on the ground. There is a requirement here that the height of the high-strength bolts from the ground is greater than 300 mm, and the yard height is generally no greater than five to six layers.