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Heavy Hex Bolt Suppliers Introduces The Requirements For The Use Of Hexagonal Bolts

Nov 26,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Heavy Hex Bolt Suppliers introduces the requirements for the use of hexagonal bolts:

1. Before use, whether the design of the friction surface of the hexagonal bolt connection meets the requirements of the corresponding standards, especially the friction coefficient must meet the requirements, and the friction surface should be free of debris such as iron oxide scale. The treatment of the friction surface should be determined according to the storage conditions and time. Especially the friction surface of the construction site, pay attention to the friction surface without rust, paint, sludge, and other pollutants. If the surface is contaminated, it must be cleaned up before construction and installation.

2. Pay attention to adjusting the wrench and use a torque wrench as much as possible. Because the torque wrench has a torque scale value setting, it can fully meet the construction technical requirements and adjust to a suitable capacity to avoid the bolts from being too tight or too loose. If the torque value used in the construction process is not enough, it will cause the bolt bearing capacity to decrease, and it will loosen immediately after a period of use, or can not be tightened at all. If the torque value used in the construction process is too large, the bolt will be over-tightened and overload operation will occur. , If the time is too long, it will break or even break during the tightening process. Therefore, the error of the torque value of the torque wrench should be controlled within ±5%. If the working condition requires higher, higher accuracy is required.