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Heavy Hex Bolt Supplier Introduces How To Remove Oil Stains On The Surface Of Screws

May 19,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

In many cases, the screws will be covered by oil stains. Because lubricant needs to be added to the equipment during use, the following, Heavy Hex Bolt Supplier introduces how to remove the oil stains on the screw surface?


1. Alkaline detergent: Alkaline detergent is a commonly used detergent, which is made of detergent alkali metal salt and surfactant.


2. Pickling agent: It is not an effective way to use acid cleaner to remove common stains on screws, but alkaline cleaner is generally used.


3. Soluble emulsion cleaner: The cleaner can dissolve stains on the surface of precision screws, stainless steel Phillips screws, and leave an anti-rust film on the surface.