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Heavy Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Heat Treatment Phenomenon Of Bolts

Oct 20,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

High-strength bolts are the most typical high-strength fasteners. High-strength bolts are made of high-strength steel or bolts that require greater pre-tightening force. High-strength bolts are mainly used to connect bridges, railways, high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage equipment. The fracture of the bolt is very brittle. In order to ensure the tightness of the container, it is necessary to prestress the high-strength bolts used in the ultra-high pressure equipment. Below, Heavy Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduce the heat treatment phenomenon of bolts.
The heat treatment process has a vital influence on the internal quality of high-strength fasteners. Therefore, in order to produce high-quality, high-strength fasteners, advanced heat treatment technology and equipment are necessary. Due to the mass production of high-strength bolts, low prices, fine threads, and precise structures, heat treatment equipment must have a large production capacity and a high degree of automation.

The heat treatment quality is good. The cleaning, heating, quenching, cleaning, tempering, decoloring, and coloring of the supplied high-strength fasteners are all automatically controlled, which effectively guarantees the quality of heat treatment. Threaded fasteners can cause decarburization. When they do not meet the mechanical performance requirements, they will trip first, which will cause the threaded fasteners to fail and shorten their service life. Due to the decarburization of the raw material, if the annealing is not proper, the decarburized layer of the raw material will deepen. In the process of heat treatment and tempering heat treatment, some oxidizing gas is usually introduced from outside the furnace.