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Heavy Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Disassembly Skills Of Standard Parts

Dec 30,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Heavy Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduces the disassembly skills of standard parts:


1. Soak in kerosene for 20-30 minutes. Knock around the nut with a hammer to loosen the rust layer, and then unscrew it. If it still cannot be removed, use a blowtorch to heat the nut. When the nut heats up and expands and the threaded standard part is slightly heated, the nut can be quickly unscrewed.


2. If it is a threaded slide fastener, an enlarged hole can be drilled in the threaded hole, the thread can be modified, and then a stepped bolt with one end enlarged and the other end maintaining the original diameter can be prepared. Enlarge the original screw hole, and then machine an internal and external threaded nut. The outer diameter is matched with the enlarged screw hole, the inner screw hole is the same as the original diameter, and the outer thread is coated with 502 glue. When the head screw has a larger diameter and is relatively loose, screw in the enlarged screw hole.


3. The thread can be slowly removed with a hammer and flat chisel in the opposite direction of the thread. If the broken end is higher than the end face, file it into a square and screw it out, or screw out the welding nut at the broken end.


4. If the broken end is slightly higher than the end face or there is no outcrop, drill a hole at the broken end, and then wedge it into a multi-edge quenched steel shovel to unscrew it; reverse the thread with a reverse screw to unscrew the broken end. When the screw hole is allowed to expand, the broken screw can be drilled out with a drill bit, and the thread can be expanded again.


5. In order to prevent the standard parts from deforming due to uneven stress, the screw sets should be removed symmetrically and diagonally. When disassembling, first loosen the screws 1 to 2 and then disassemble them one by one. For square or round parts, disassemble symmetrically according to the diagonal or the center of the circle.


6. The long strip parts can be gradually loosened and disassembled in asymmetrical and diagonal order from two sides to the middle or from the middle to both sides. First, loosen and remove the screws in difficult areas. When disassembling the cantilever multi-screw standard connection piece, start from the lower side and loosen it in order according to the symmetrical position. One or two screws on the upper part should be removed, otherwise, it is easy to cause accidents or parts deformation and damage.