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Heavy Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Causes Of Screw Breakage

Mar 17,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Large-scale equipment is used in the process of screw processing and manufacturing to improve the processing quality of stud bolts. If the joints are thicker and the studs are longer, special equipment will be used for processing, and then high-quality metal materials will be used to process and manufacture the studs. In addition to the characteristics of ordinary stud bolts, the selected material has many application characteristics.

Nowadays, people are concerned about the quality of the raw materials used for bolts. If the quality of the bolt line is not good, there will be a lot of impurities. If the bolt is not hard enough, there will be many serious problems in use. Sometimes there are over-tightening or over-feeding, without using the torque of the adjustable wrench or socket wrench, because it is usually clamped between the threads and locked during the manufacturing process. If a wrench or electric wrench is used, the nut needs to be rotated perpendicular to the axis of the screw and must not be tilted during use.


Heavy Hex Bolt Manufacturers remind that there are more than three reasons for bolt damage. If you find that the bolt is damaged, you can check it in stages, and then solve it according to different situations. Only in this way can screws be used reasonably.