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Bolts Factory Explains How To Remove Worn Hexagon Nuts

Jun 09,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Whether in daily life or work, you must have seen hexagon nuts everywhere. Hex nuts are mainly used together with screws to fasten equipment fasteners. Especially in machinery and equipment, there are many places where hexagon nuts are used to fix parts. Does Bolts Factory explain how to remove worn hexagon nuts?


However, due to frequent disassembly, the inner hexagon of the bolt is easily rounded, and it is difficult to remove it with an inner hexagon wrench at this time. In many cases, it is difficult to remove the nut through damage. This method is very troublesome. Needless to say, the loss of nuts and screws is also great.


For connections where the head of the hexagon socket nut is slightly higher or flush with the plane of the fixed part, after cooling, you can use a hexagon nut slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the head of the hexagon socket nut, tighten the nut with a movable handle, and take out the hexagon socket bolt.


Hexagon nuts have many functions, especially inner hexagon nuts, which are usually the most commonly used fasteners for assembling plastic parts. It can be used not only for permanent assembly but also for fixing parts that are frequently repaired and replaced. Improper selection of hex nuts often leads to assembly, use, and quality problems. Pre-design the threads in the mold.


As a widely used fastener, although the nut is small, it has a great effect. Many of them are not easy to disassemble after being fixed. Nuts that have not been repaired are prone to oxidation and rust, and excessive wear and tear during equipment operation. Therefore, it should be checked regularly during use.