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2h Hex Nut Manufacturers Introduce The Characteristics Of Hexagon Weld Nuts

Mar 24,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Hex Nut adds solder joints and bosses on the basis of ordinary hexagon nuts, which solves the problem that ordinary nuts cannot fix the base body. It has the advantages of convenient use, high efficiency, and beautiful welding appearance. Next, 2h Hex Nut Manufacturers will introduce the characteristics of hexagonal weld nuts:


Hex weld nuts are hexagon nuts used for welding. The shape is hexagonal, one side is like a hexagon nut, and the other side has three welding points and a boss.


The welding point of the hexagonal weld nut is used for welding, and the boss is used for positioning. When welding, drill positioning holes on the mother body, but the boss of the nut into the hole, and then weld the nut to the mother body with an electric welder. The solder joints of hexagonal weld nuts melt at high temperatures and are used for welding. The connection of the hexagonal weld nut is inseparable.


The method of marking weld nuts is as follows: if it is a combination welding method, it can be separated by "/", the left side indicates the welding method on the front (or cover side), and the right side indicates the welding method on the back (or bottom). For example, the V-shaped weld is first grounded by tungsten-hydrogen arc welding and then covered by manual arc welding indicated by 141/111. V-groove butt welding, back cover bottom welding, front welding surface is flush, the welding method is manual tungsten arc welding (for bottom welding), manual arc welding (for bottom welding and bottom sealing).