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2h Hex Nut Manufacturer Introduces How To Prevent Stainless Steel Screws From Rusting

Sep 01,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

Subconsciously, we all think that stainless steel screws will not rust. In fact, it is not. In harsh environments, stainless steel screws will rust after being corroded. So rust is actually a relatively common situation, but we are When using stainless steel screws, most of them are used indoors or on some electrical equipment. The working environment is better. There is no pollution from seawater and a strong acid atmosphere. The probability of rusting is relatively low, so rusting is seen. It will be less.


We can only say that the corrosion resistance of stainless steel screws is particularly good. It has strong corrosion resistance to ordinary atmospheric environments, but it will still rust over a long period of time when used in coastal areas. It is this difference in the use environment that requires a necessary understanding of some basic properties of stainless steel screws in order to use stainless steel screws reasonably and effectively. Under different temperature and temperature conditions, we can choose different stainless steel screws, such as 304 stainless steel screws or 316 stainless steel screws.


2h Hex Nut Manufacturer introduced that the anti-corrosion of stainless steel screw material mainly depends on the content of some elements in the material itself to resist atmospheric corrosion. The structural changes of the improved material can also resist corrosion in theory, but stainless steel screws are standard parts. In the case of mass production, it is not feasible to modify metal materials.


Because when we use stainless steel screws, we must pay attention to some places. For the stainless steel screws that are installed on the spot, they must be stored in a clean and ventilated place. When installing, pay attention to whether there are stains in the teeth of the stainless steel screws. Such stains can become a source of corrosion as long as they are outdoors. Pay attention to temperature changes during installation. If the temperature difference is too large, water vapor will be generated. At this time, you should not fight for installation. You should first place the screws to dry before installing, so as not to seal the water vapor at the thread.


In fact, the rust prevention of stainless steel screws mainly depends on the protective film layer on the surface of the material. This protective wax is similar to an electroplated layer of carbon steel bolts. It is this protective film that isolates the metal structure layer from the air. The screws do not rust, as long as this protective film is damaged, that is the time for the stainless steel screws to rust. Therefore, stainless steel screws are not that they will not rust, but that they are not easy to rust.