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2h Hex Nut Manufacturer Introduces How To Deal With The Blackening Of Screws

Aug 04,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

2h Hex Nut Manufacturer introduces the blackening reasons and treatment methods of stainless steel screws:


The blackening of stainless steel screws is usually caused by high heat generated during cold heading or threading. Usually occurs in the cross groove part. During the production process, the supply of lubricating oil can realize the timely distribution of heat, and the speed of the machine can also be appropriately reduced to avoid problems. Of course, in addition to technical reasons, the blackening of stainless steel screws may also be caused by the material problems of the stainless steel screws themselves.


The solution process for the blackening of stainless steel screws: degreasing-water passing-cross tank cleaning agent-water passing-neutralization-water passing-drying; heating the stainless steel screw cross tank cleaning agent to 70 degrees, and then degreasing After the stainless steel screw products are put into the cross-slot cleaning agent, soak for 5-15 minutes, pass in clean water, neutralize, and blow-dry.