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2h Heavy Hex Nuts Manufacturer Introduced The Working Principle Of Rivet Nuts

Oct 21,2022 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

When the rivet nut is riveted, it must be ensured that the rivet nut on the riveting gun is perpendicular to the object to be riveted. In order to prevent the riveting nut from being damaged during compression and deformation during the riveting process, the screw on the riveting gun should be adjusted to 23 threads before riveting, and then the riveting nut should be screwed on so that it will not be caused by the process of the riveting gun head. The riveting fails. Below, is the working principle of rivet nuts introduced by 2H Heavy Hex Nuts Manufacturer :

1. When pickling the rivet nut, it is necessary to grasp the concentration of the acid solution, otherwise, the effect of pickling will not be obvious.

2. When quenching the rivet nut, use a silicate cleaning agent to clean the impurities attached to the surface, and then rinse it carefully to prevent impurities from remaining on the non-standard nut, which will affect the use of the non-standard nut. Effect.

3. After the rivet nut is tempered, its color may change. After soaking the non-standard nut in ether for a period of time, oily substances are found, indicating that the non-standard nut has not been cleaned.