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2h Heavy Hex Nuts Company Introduces The Method Of Straightness Measurement

Mar 04,2022 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

2H Heavy Hex Nuts Company introduces the method of straightness measurement:


1. Place the measured stainless steel hex screw between the fixed rail and the adjustable movable rail, taking care to avoid the standard allowable radius of the fillet under the screw head or most of the length of the neck expansion.


2. Select the screw by hand, find out the maximum bending degree, then tighten the set screw, set the screw. The maximum size of the thread can be considered by the parallel reading calculation method of the micrometer dimension. The maximum value of the unthreaded rod diameter can also be selected as the actual measurement.


3. The basis for judging whether the straightness is out of tolerance is to adjust the movable guide rail according to the straightness limit value listed in the table, tighten the fixing screw, and then rotate the hexagon screw placed in the stainless steel by hand. If the rotation stops due to the interference of the screw and the track, the straightness of the screw is out of tolerance. Well, when we customize the hex screws in stainless steel.